feel infinite relaxation!

In early 2018, a new floatation center will open in the very heart of Vilnius. We expect to offer the best float experience within the Eastern Europe (and for low prices)!

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What we'll offer

Quality floatsfor a good price

Our float center will have Swedish Restingwell Spirit floatation tanks that are extremely spacious and comfortable. We will be able to offer maximum comfort at low prices as we have second-hand tanks. We have 3 of them, so you can invite your friends.

We have visited a number of floatation centres abroad (USA, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland) for consultations to deliver the best floatation service in Lithuania (and perhaps, the Baltics).

Big thanks for the pictures The Great Boost, who have exactly the same floatation tanks in Belgium as we do here.

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The benefits of floatation

Floatationan effective relaxation method for the 21st century

A floatation tank is a soundproof tank filled with high epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) content water at skin temperature, in which individuals float. Whilst isolated from all sensation, one can experience total relaxation without any effort. Science proves that floating greatly reduces stress, enhances sleep and relaxes muscles, etc.

Floating is on the rise in the USA and Western Europe. In Sweden, where patients can be referred to a float tank centre by their GP or employer, there are more tanks per person than anywhere else in the world.

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How it works

Less sensory stimulationeffortlessly leads to deep relaxation

Floating in complete silence and in the complete dark in water at skin temperature (~35.4C) your body is deprived of nearly all sensory stimulation (touch, light, sound and partly gravity) so you can relax into a deep meditative state that equals years of meditation practice.

Water with 600kg epsom salt content forces your body to float. Just like in the Dead Sea, your body floats without effort, easily. Epsom salt does not cause skin irritattion whereas magnesium, present in the salt, relaxes your muscles.

Beginners Guide to Floating (infographic)
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